Small Scale Digital Radio is coming to Derby

What is SSDAB?

Radio listenership via DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has increased significantly over the last decade. DAB is the replacement platform for FM and AM Analogue radio. Why broadcast your service on the DAB+ Derby Multiplex?

  • Clearer Signal
  • Increased Coverage
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Reduced broadcast costs
/ Unreserved C-DSP

Radio Service Carriage Application Form

Derby DAB will reach approximately 230,000 adults in and around the area and our ambition is to provide an affordable long-term digital future for many existing broadcasters, as well as new entrants.

Contracting for carriage with Derby DAB Media Limited

How to broadcast on Derby DAB’s multiplex:

At any one time about 20 radio stations (programme services) will broadcast from our transmitters across the Derby area. Whenever capacity to carry programme services becomes available new programme services can be considered to join the multiplex. To this end we maintain a waiting list.

To ensure fair treatment there is a standard application process. Each application will be assessed against four ‘thresholds’ (these are explained below). To promote competitive entry, applications will not be assessed purely on economic grounds. Derby DAB acknowledges its duty to trade in a way calculated to ensure fair and effective competition and so this is where the ‘thresholds’ become important.

The process to join Derby DAB as a programme service covers three stages:

Stage 1: Prospective applicants should complete an expression of interest/application form setting out the extent to which their service meets certain ‘thresholds’.

Stage 2: Programme service applications will be sifted by Derby DAB, according to the extent to which an applicant meets (or exceeds) the ‘thresholds’ before being added to our waiting list.

Stage 3: When capacity becomes available, we will assess the most appropriate new service to join the bouquet of services currently carried.

The programme service ‘thresholds’ explained

Derby DAB will assess each carriage request by the extent to which they meet or exceed certain criteria. We have called these criteria ‘programme service thresholds’. By working to a framework (whereby each prospective programme service can be assessed) we can develop a system that is fair, in a market that is also competitive.

To make this framework transparent we have set out these programme service thresholds below. Selection will be based on which programme services, in the view of Derby DAB, display the strongest characteristics set against the four programme service thresholds.

The four thresholds are:

1.  The localness of origin, or otherwise, of the programme service to our Derby DAB coverage area

2.  The extent to which the service provider has calculated how their service will appeal to listeners in the Derby DAB area

3.  An assessment of how the proposed service will compliment or extend the range of services carried on the Derby DAB multiplex 

4.  The extent to which the proposed service is likely to attract the necessary funding or other financial support needed to commence broadcasting and carry-on broadcasting, ensuring the service can meet its contractual obligations

Applicants are strongly encouraged to bear these thresholds in mind, when submitting their application form. Once the form has been submitted a member of the team will be in touch.


About your radio service:

About your radio operation – please note this information will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party outside Derby DAB

By submitting this application I understand capacity on the SSDAB Derby DAB multiplex may be full and I will be placed on a waiting list and my application will be assessed against the four thresholds mentioned above.

Services on the Multiplex